2020 Louisiana Farm Bureau Holiday Shop
Create a graphics package promoting the 2020 Louisiana Farm Bureau Holiday Shop program, running from November 1 - 30, 2020. The Louisiana Farm Bureau Holiday Shop offers Louisiana Farm Bureau members the opportunity to purchase fresh citrus fruit, citrus trees and a variety of pecan products -- all from local farmers in Louisiana. We also offer mixed nut varieties and caramel popcorn from Florida producers and farmers, thanks to our partnership with Florida Farm Bureau.
11”x17” poster, letter-sized flyer, print ad for statewide publication, social media graphics for Facebook and Instagram
To create new artwork in the Holiday Shop series, using the design system and theme created in 2018 to promote the 2020 program.​​​​​​​
As stated in The Challenge, this series started in 2018 and I encourage you to read more about the systems and theme. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, our company converted to a remote office. Since our in-office staff was cut down to the essentials, adapting to effective remote communication was essential. That said, we limited the changes to essentials only, which included product updates on the poster and flyer, and new artwork for 2020. We also had to make changes to production and distribution of materials.
I was itching this time to tackle another vehicle, because I’m still in love with my 2018 farm truck! So I went for the obvious next best choice -- the farm tractor. I scrolled through pages and pages of iconic, vintage farm tractors and the one I chose was the 1947 Farmall Row Crop Style tractor, with some modifications. I ended up collaging the 1948 engine system on the 1947 frame, because reference materials were limited. I also added a roll cage, at the request of our Safety Department. This department hosts Holiday Shop, and they advocate for farm safety at any opportunity available.
Just like how I started the 2019 Illustrator file, I took some older elements from the two previous files, updated them and applied them to the new design. Anything that I could build more efficiently I rebuilt. The challenge was the tractor, and how to show off its engine system in a way that didn't look cluttered. What I decided to do was to create a textured background, and highlighted gears and parts that were in the foreground. I used PMS 202, or Farm Bureau maroon, for the tractor's main body, because I wanted our brand color to be the main visual of the artwork. I added “Louisiana Farm Bureau Holiday Shop” on the side, where the brand name would normally be. On the wheel well of the large tire, you'll find the year of the campaign. To feature popular products in the program, I added crates of fresh satsumas, a fruit tree and crates of pecan products on each side of the tractor.
With the final artwork approved, it’s time to plug in the art into the deliverables. We made changes to production to overcome the challenges brought by the pandemic. We decided to make the digital files for the 11”x17” poster and letter sized flyer available for parish offices to print the materials at their discretion. We featured a newspaper ad in a statewide agricultural publication and used more social media graphics on Instagram and Facebook. Each social media graphic featured a category of products, from fruit trees to pecan products, and the featured artwork. I also created a rotating carousel gif with all of the Instagram graphics.
Matt Sirgo, Louisiana Farm Bureau Program Assistant; Wendell Miley, Louisiana Farm Bureau Facilities & Safety Director
Avery Davidson, Louisiana Farm Bureau Communication Director; Kristen Oaks-White, Louisiana Farm Bureau Social Media Coordinator; Monica Velasquez, Louisiana Farm Bureau Graphic Designer, Photographer and Webmaster​​​​​​​

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