I'm Monica Michelle Velasquez,
and for more than eight years, I’ve worked as the in-house graphic designer for the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation. I’ve also tackled freelance projects, mixed with some self-initiated projects on the side.

My role at Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation has shaped my career as a graphic designer and illustrator. I’ve had the opportunity to work in all forms of media -- from print design and digital media, to large-scale media and television. My position also allowed me to grow my skills outside of design. Thanks to my experience, I’m a seasoned photographer and photo editor, webmaster, and aspiring print writer. I have also traveled across the country, sharpening my graphic design skills through conferences, workshops, and continuing education.

I graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with my BA in Fine Arts, concentrating in graphic design. Even while pursuing my undergrad, I knew it was important to be active in the graphic design community. That is why I joined various student organizations including the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). As a professional, I am a member of AIGA New Orleans and the Baton Rouge chapter for the American Advertising Federation (AAF-BR). 

I’m a Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aquarius Rising INFJ. After hours, I enjoy extending my creative roots in my kitchen or sneaking away to my backyard to relax under the oak trees. If I have a wild hair, I make time to pursue personal projects, like a sticker pack series or pushing my illustration skills. My weekends are split between reading in a cozy corner at my favorite bookstore and practicing some self-care (video games, more reading, and enjoying slow days). Even with all of that on my plate, I always make time for family and friends.
Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation
2013-Present, In-house Graphic Designer
See projects for Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation and This Week in Louisiana Agriculture.

Freelance Graphic Designer
2012-Present, Graphic Designer
See my freelance projects mixed with some self-initiated side projects.

North Oaks Health System
2012, Graphic Design Intern
See projects from my internship at North Oaks Health System and other projects from my undergrad at Southeastern Louisiana University.

Baton Rouge Drink & Draw
2018-2019, Organizer and Designer

AIGA New Orleans
2011-2013, Student Chapter member
2012-Present, Chapter member
2019, Flourish Committee member

AAF-Baton Rouge
2013 -Present, Chapter member 
2020, Programs and Workshops committee member

Louisiana Farm Bureau Real Service Team
2013-Present, Committee member, volunteer, photographer
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