Surprise Birthday Sticker Pack
In the midst of figuring out my annual budget in 2017, I decided to create a sticker pack as birthday gifts for close friends and family. With the twist that these would be surprise sticker packs mailed to friends. I thought about how no one doesn't mail birthday cards anymore, and I don't know about you, but I like getting surprises in the mail!

The sticker pack includes five stickers, two text and three graphic and a card with a nice note. I ordered the stickers from Sticker Mule, I ordered the plastic packs and craft paper envelopes from Amazon and the pack tops with cards from VistaPrint. The only item I didn't like were the craft envelopes, because the adhesive on the envelopes didn't seal the envelopes well, so I ordered 50 1" stickers from Sticker Mule to seal the envelopes.
I created five stickers for the sticker pack with a variety of sizes. The both text stickers were 2", the present and cupcake were 1" and my personal favorite, the ballon bouquet, was also 3". 

I was going to do something with a hotdog, saying something like "hot dog, it's your birthday", but I didn't think it flowed well, and it would feel random.
I created 50 sticker packs, and as of 2021, still in the process of mailing everything. Due to moving, high-stress work and not making the time, I still have packs that were never mailed, but I will wrap up this project by the end of 2021.
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